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Product name: 2.4A nylon 360-degree circular magnetic data cable

Applicable equipment: Android/iOS/TYPE-C

Product material: aluminum alloy, TPE, copper core, LED light

Product function: charging

Product color: black, red, gold, silver, gray

Length: 0.5 m 1 m 2 m 3 m

Support customization: support (Welcome processing customization such as Taobao, Tmall, Ali, Jingdong)

Product features: strong magnetic force, blind magnetic suction, automatic calibration and docking for charging, which greatly reduces the damage to the mobile phone charging interface due to the number of plugs and pulls. The magnetic line of force 1 time = traditional N times, the plug does not need to be unplugged, it can be used as a dust plug The role of protecting the phone,

To operate the mobile phone with one hand, there is no need to align the jack with the traditional mobile phone in one hand and the data cable in the other hand. This allows you to enjoy a pleasant mood and operating experience during driving journeys and various occasions!

Reminder: This magnetic data cable only supports charging, not data transmission.