Men Beard Straightener Hot Heating Comb Hair Straightener Brush Mutifunctional Hair Comb Smoothing Iron Hair Straightening Brush

Item Information

General voltage: 110-240V,
Frequency: 50 / 60Hz~
Power: 35W
PTC heater
Power cord length: about 2 meters, 360-degree rotation.
1. Turn on the machine in the heating state, and turn off the machine automatically 30 minutes later.
2. Heating time: it takes 3 minutes to reach the maximum temperature of 220c.
3. Press the on / off button for 2 seconds to close this item. All LED lights are off.
4. Press the on/off button for 1 second to "start-up". Red light and blue light are on. By default, the low-level blue light (150C / 302F) will flash after 3S, and the machine will start to heat up. When the temperature reaches 150C / 302F, the lamp stops flashing and the two lamps are on. Press the on / off button once more, set the higher temperature 180C / 356f, and the three lights will be on when it flashes to the required temperature. Press the on/off button again, set 220c / 428f, and four lights will be on.

Item Information

Voltage: 110-240V Frequency: 50/60HZ (Universal Global Voltage)
Power: 29W
Fever: PTC
Material of Thermal Conductor: Aluminum Alloy
Heat conduction diameter: 20MM-30MM
Temperature Control and Efficiency Control: LCD
Power cord length: about 2 meters, 360 degrees rotation.

Item Information

Voltage: 110-240V,
Frequency: 50/60 Hz~
Power: 25W
PTC heater
Power cord length: about 2 meters, 360 degrees rotation to prevent defects in the use of winding power cord Euro plug is an electrical fault.
Two gear switches, low temperature about 170 degrees, high temperature about 190 degrees, the indicator shows red, PTC heating 60-120 seconds fast heating, aluminium alloy comb spray ceramic glaze technology, PA66 engineering plastic comb, PC engineering plastic handle, 360 degrees rotating power line to prevent winding in the use process, wire plug default is Euro VDE round plug when connected to the power supply, open. Turn off the first indicator light for the green light, the second indicator light for the red light, choose the appropriate temperature to preheat for about 60 seconds before starting to use, start with hair root, comb hair to fit, men suggest combing back, when combing hair, it is recommended to stay slowly for about 1-2 seconds, comb back slowly, repeat two to three times, the hair quality is fine and soft, low-temperature gear 170 degrees, hair quality is thicker. It is recommended to use high-temperature gear 190 degrees. Or use it according to your own preferences. After you comb your hair, you recommend using water spray.
Or styling with hair gel. (Short hair for ladies, bangs can be used)